About us

HRG’s roots go back to 1990 when it was first established as an installation company in Ontario, Canada. Starting with small curtain walls, store fronts, and skylights, HRG progressed to larger and more complicated projects to eventually focus on mid-rise and high-rise buildings. With time, HRG expanded its operations to British Columbia and Alberta and also Washington and Oregon, USA.

Working over the years with high end developers, general contractors, and window manufacturers, HRG has developed an exceptional management team and a large team of professional installers who can turn even the most complex project into success.

Our vision

Highrise Glass is an industry leader in providing window installations on high-rise towers. We competently handle multiple complex projects, delivering consistent quality results. Continuous improvement, adaptation to demands, and the progress of a quickly advancing construction industry allows HRG to evolve and thrive on change.

With almost 30 years of professional installation and service expertise, well over 150 successfully completed high-rise condominium projects, and the demonstrated ability to meet all contract requirements, Highrise glass has established itself as a major player in North America’s residential and commercial glazing market.

Our mission

In our pursuit of excellence, we are committed to provide highly professional, complete, timely, and flawless window installation service for our customers. With dedication to safety and quality, attention to detail, and cooperation with general contractor and other trades, we efficiently turn the most complex projects into success.